Important Parking Notification

Important Parking Notification: Due to an impatient individual trying to get around PEG’s drop off, there was an accident over the weekend. Thankfully, no one was hurt and pedestrians were not

Gymnast Parenting 101

Gymnastics is not life. Please put other things before it.  Gymnastics might feel like life to your child and that is perfectly normal, as your your child is a child.  However,

Competition Etiquette

Meet Etiquette for Gymnasts  Always arrive at least 1/2 hour prior to open warms ups. Be friendly and use sportsmanlike conduct at all times. Stay focused on the competition. Talking with parents, relatives,

Healthy Snacks to Pack for a Meet or Anytime

Food fuel for best performance – a healthy snack will give you energy! Fresh or dried Bananas Fruit smoothies Dried fruit (apricots, apples, raisins) Carrot and celery sticks Orange slices Hard-boiled eggs Water or ice cubes flavored

Fund Raising 101

As you know, gymnastics is an expensive sport.  As your daughter continues to climb up the levels of gymnastics, that expense continues to climb with them. We all need to do

What is Hopes and Junior Elite?

The USA Gymnastics Hopes Program is a pre-Elite competition program to the Jr. and Sr. Elite programs. The TOPs program is a testing program, that is managed under the same

What is TOPs?

You may be hearing a lot about TOPs testing lately.  You might have girls from your gym that are headed to Texas this weekend for TOPs

Booster Club Basics

Basic Do’s & Don’ts  A booster club is not prohibited from acting as a conduit or clearinghouse to collect and pay competition costs and coaches’ expenses as