Secret US Classic

/Secret US Classic
Paramount Elite’s Secret US Classic & Hopes Championship Qualifiers

2016 – Caitlin Smith (Jr.) & Levi Jung-Ruivivar (Hopes)

2015 – Caitlin Smith (Jr.), Sophia McClelland (Hopes), & Katelyn Searle (Hopes)

2014 – Caitlin Smith (Jr.), Sophia McClelland (Hopes), & Katelyn Searle (Hopes)

2013 – Cailtin Smith (Hopes)

The Secret U.S. Classic is an annual summer gymnastics meet for elite female artistic gymnasts of the United States. The meet occurs before the P&G National Championships and is a qualifier for it. In Olympic years, the aforementioned meets along with the U.S. Olympic Trials are used for selection to the team.
Prior Senior & Junior Elite Secret US Classic All Around Winners:

2010 – Mattie Larson (Sr.) & Jordyn Weiber (Jr.)

2011 – Aly Raisman (Sr.) & Kyla Ross (Jr.)

2012 – Aly Raisman (Sr.) & Simone Biles (Jr.)

2013 – Klya ross (Sr.) & Bailie Key (Jr.)

2014 – Simone Biles (Sr.) & Jordan Chiles (Jr.)

2015 – Simone Biles (Sr.) & Laurie Hernandez (Jr.)

2016 – Aly Raisman (Sr.) & Irina Alexeeve (Jr.)